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Refer A Friend

Lucky Scruff Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend Details

Do you like free stuff? Good! For every friend you refer who creates an account and places their first order over $20, you can get a $10 credit!

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Tell all the friends you can. For each one that signs up as a member and makes a purchase of $20 or more, we'll credit your account $10 in Lucky Scruff credit after their first order ships. First purchase does not include Monthly Beard Club purchases, sorry!

Referral credits will only be issued when you invite new members to Lucky Scruff (excludes returning or existing members). Each new member you refer must make a first purchase of $20 or more in order for you to earn the $10 credit.

There is no limit to the number of referral credits you can earn and referral credits will accrue with every eligible friend you refer. You can track your referral credits by visiting the 'Referred Friends' page in your account.

This offer is limited to one referral and email address per friend. Friends who register using multiple accounts or email addresses will be subject to an expiration of any referral credit associated with fraudulent email addresses.

You may not spam or send unsolicited emails to persons you don't personally know to collect referrals. Likewise, you may not solicit referrals through paid search, push ads, unsolicited text messages and similar online and mobile activities. Lucky Scruff has the right in its sole discretion to deny, cancel or suspend any and all referral credits, and set off against your credit account already spent credits accruing to you from your use of any of these prohibited referral solicitation activities.

Spending Referral Credits:

Referral credits may only be spent on merchandise and cannot be used towards any shipping, handling, or other applicable transaction costs on the site.

Referral credits may be used in conjunction with other credit issued to your account but may not be used with promotional codes or other offers.

Referral credits are automatically applied to your purchases at checkout.

Referral credits have no cash value by themselves; they can only be used with purchase of items on

Referral credits expire one year after date of issue (but we doubt you'll be able to sit on them for that long!)