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How to Use Beard Oil

Let us help you keep that beard looking great with these tips.

In the Shower

Your facial hair deserves just as much attention as the hair on top of your head, if not more thanks to the course nature of beards. You should wash your beard regularly with a natural soap, working up a good lather then rinsing with warm water. Don't be tempted to use fancy shampoos and conditioners as a natural bar soap works just fine and beard oil takes the place of your ol' ladies conditioner.

After the Shower

After a good washing just towel dry your your beard. You don't need to get aggressive with the towel and don't even think about a hair dryer! Once you're mostly dry you're almost done but don't comb or brush just yet.

Applying Oil

The amount of oil you use will depend on the length and thickness of your beard. For less than two inches of hair and a moderate thickness you can safely apply a dime-sized amount of oil without having an overly oily feel. For longer, thicker beards you should experiment using the size of a nickel or quarter as your starting point.

Place the desired amount of oil in the palm of one hand. With your other hand, dab three fingers in the oil and start applying at the base of your beard and rub out to the ends. Once all oil has been applied and you have a satisfactory spread, using a boar bristle beard brush, style your beard and look awesome all day!

Keeping Trimmed

Many beards have one thing in common and that's that no two hairs grow at the same time. This especially important for beardsmen starting a new beard since you really don't want stragglers sticking out like a wild hair. Using a military style beard brush daily will help keep whiskers growing in the same direction but you may also need shears to trim up runaway hairs. Using our facial scissors with safe rounded tips make it easy to keep trimmed around the beard and also safe to trim around the lips.

How do I apply your beard oil?

Good question! Our oils are designed to be applied early in the morning and will keep you classy all day long. Follow these simple steps for a rocking good beard!

  1. 1. Shower, paying special attention to your beard. Remove all food particles, wild animals, blood, sweat and tears. All natural soap works best! 
  2. 2. If you're the kind of guy who showers at night, just wash your face with some warm water and soap... No one likes a dirty face, but they love a bearded face. 
  3. 3. Towel dry your beard, leave the hair dryer in the closet because we don't want to bake the face, just mostly dry. 
  4. 4. Put a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand (larger beards may require larger amount) typically less than a dime sized amount for beards less than 3 inches long. 
  5. 5. With your opposite hand, scoop up some oil with your finger tips and work it into the base of your beard. With a massaging motion, work the oil from your skin out to the ends of your beard. 
  6. 6. For an even distribution of oils you can brush your beard with a military style boars bristle brush but this is not required. Boars do make nice brushes though! 
  7. 7. Enjoy a smooth, well-kept beard all day. Fragrance from the oils can last from 1-2 hours or the entire day depending on your environment and the amount of oil used. 


How often should I apply beard oil?

How often do you change your underwear? But seriously, you can apply daily with no harm to your skin or hair. In areas with high heat and low humidity, daily applications may be necessary to maintain a smooth, classy beard. In areas with higher humidity, you might be able to get away with 2-3 times per week, but let's be honest; you'll use less oil and transact with us less so let's stick to daily!

Do you have tips or tricks for keeping your beard under control? Tell us about it on Facebook.