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At Lucky Scruff, we're not just about beard oil, we're about helping you and everyone else love their beards, their mustaches and their skin. We don't claim to change lives, but we do get some pretty amazing feedback from our customers ranging from re-gained confidence in their appearance to a new found appreciation for personal grooming! We're excited to be a catalyst for a new breed of man, a man confident and proud to show off his beard.

We provide men and women alike great hand crafted products made right here in Nashville, TN and we're proud to say we do it at a great price! We're not out to charge you a premium price for a product inflated by crazy advertising budgets and rockstar travel expenses. Rather, we aim to provide a premium product with world class customer service and support at a price you can appreciate. We also offer quality products from manufacturers around the world who are equally committed to providing a quality product that will last your for years to come, like Kent Handmade Combs from the UK and Merkur Razors from Germany.

Browse around the store, find something you fancy and check out our ever growing blog of "How-To" articles. You can also find us on Facebook where we love to see customers show off their own Lucky Scruff!