How to Use Shave Soap

So you got yourself a Beard Club shipment and you’re not quite sure how to use shave soap huh? Shaving with a nice soap is a traditional, wet shave staple and something every gentleman should try!

Lucky Scruff Shave SoapWhy Use Shave Soap?

Shave soap typically offers a larger cushion between your razor and your face, as well as providing a very slick surface. From start to finish, you control your lather. It’s almost like cooking. You determine how fast, vigorously and long you whip your soap, so you can create exactly the type of lather you like. You control the thickness, aeration and volume. There are plenty of options when it comes to shaving… shave cream, shave oil, shave powder, straight hot water, but today let’s talk about how to use shave soap.

Step 1

If you’re using Lucky Scruff Shave Soap, push the soap out of the clamshell and place into your favorite shave bowl or mug (you can also use the soap right from the packaging if you want). Wet your shaving brush bristles with warm water and gently shave off the excess.

Step 2

Move the brush in a circular motion over the shave soap until the desired lather is achieved. The volume and thickness of the lather can be adjusted by the volume of water left on the brush. More water equals more lather, too much water equals thin lather.

Step 3

Using your brush, apply the lather to the areas you intend to shave (stay far away from your awesome beard!)

Step 4

Shave (shave oil is optional)

Step 5

After shaving, rinse off any remaining soap. Rinse your shaving brush under warm water, shake off any excess and hang to dry.