How to Clean a Beard Brush

How to Clean a Beard BrushSo, you got a fancy new beard brush and after a week or so it looks like it’s growing its own beard huh? Keeping your beard brush clean is an important part of helping your brush last a long time. Let’s take a few minutes and look at how easy it is to clean your beard brush and keep it fresh.

Step 1: Loosen the Hair

How to Clean a Beard Brush

The first step in cleaning your beard brush is to grab a cotton tipped swab and run it up and down the valleys of the bristles. This helps loosen to trapped hairs and also removes any dead skin cells trapped at the base of your brush. I suggest you do this over your trash can or sink, it can cause quite a mess.

Step 2: Remove the Hair

How to Clean a Beard BrushOnce you’ve loosened all the hairs and anything else trapped in your bristles, you can push them out of your beard brush with the cotton swab or you can grab them by hand and pull them free. At this point your brush should be fairly clean. Don’t worry if you pulled some of your bristles loose, this is normal and all bristle style brushes will thin out over time.

Step 3: Optional Rinse

If you use your brush daily after applying Lucky Scruff Beard Oil, you may find that your brush retains some of the oils after each use. To help further preserve your brush, you can give it a quick rinse in a small bowl of warm water and shampoo. Shake the brush around until you see small soap subs forming, usually less than a minute. Once you feel good about the shampoo cleanse, run the brush under warm water to rinse clean and allow to air dry.

Congratulations, your beard brush is clean!