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About Lucky Scruff

Lucky Scruff was founded on the dream of helping our bearded brethren boldly go where no bearded man had gone before. Starting right outside of Nashville, Lucky Scruff is proud to call Tennessee home! Lucky Scruff is still small in nature, but we're growing each and every day!

Our Team

  Corey is our founder, the bearded wonder and the brains behind our original products and probably the one giving away all the free stuff on our Facebook page! Corey was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and is proud to call Nashville the home of Lucky Scruff! Hear more from Corey over on our blog where you can find out what he's up to and ask questions about Lucky Scruff and any of our products!
  Jon is our managing partner and runs the business day to day. You can find him at our shop in Franklin, TN mixing up the latest batch of Beard Club products or organizing our next sponsored event!
  Jacob is our original Beard Specialist and if you're lucky you might spot him at the store or one of our festivals.
  Caleb runs the store for us a few days a week. He doesn't have a beard, but don't worry, he's cool.


Our Beard Oils

All of our oil blends are hand mixed with only the finest ingredients. Most oils contain only natural almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and essential oils distilled from the coolest smelling things across the planet, but a few we're currently working on may contain fragrence oils. We mix every batch by hand and fill every bottle individually with great care to deliver the best possible product each and every time.